• Harry Style revealed his self-quarantine daily routine
  • The same includes long walks, watching movies, reading, writing new songs and playing instruments
  • The UK-based singer is currently in California due to COVID-19 lockdown

Harry Styles recently revealed that he’s stuck in California amid the COVID-19 lockdown. Curious how the U.K.-based singer keeps himself entertained? Here’s how.

During his interview at SiriusXM, the “Adore You” singer shared his self-quarantine routine, which consist of reading, writing new songs, playing instruments, watching a lot of movies and long walks, Billboard reported.

apple music “Harry Styles: Behind the Album”
Apple Music releases trailer of “Harry Styles: Behind the Album” Apple Music

Styles revealed that at this point, he had already watched pretty much every movie ever made. As reported by the news outlet, Styles revealed that he was locked in with people whom he described as with “real jobs,” and while “they” work all day, he was left doing his self-quarantine routine; however, at night, they all get together and watch movies.

Talking about long walks, the former One Direction member was photographed, Sunday, enjoying the outdoor breeze of Los Angeles. Fans don’t need to worry because the 26-year-old English singer ensured that he was adhering to the government policy of maintaining social distancing, as seen in the photo of Daily Mail’s report. He wore sunglasses, a scarf to cover his face, black hoodie and shorts with sneakers.

Styles also reportedly said that while it’s important to stay updated with what is going on, he’s not constantly watching the news because it makes him a bit anxious. Amid the devastating health crisis that people around the world is experiencing, Styles said that laughing and having fun are still important.

Styles also left a few words of advice, emphasizing on the importance of checking in with people who are living or isolating by themselves.

Styles urged the public to ensure everyone’s safety by self-isolating, and until this whole COVID-19 pandemic is over, he is asking everyone to treat others with kindness.

Styles was supposed to go back to U.K. to be with his mom and sister, unfortunately, the day of his scheduled flight was the same day the U.S. government implemented the lockdown. The flights were cancelled; thus, he didn’t have much of a choice but to remain in the U.S. for the mean time.

To date, there are nearly 1.3 million confirmed COVID-19 cases globally with 69,789 death tolls and 265,462 recoveries, according to the data collated by Johns Hopkins University and Medicine.

More than 3,000 people were killed by COVID-19 in China
More than 3,000 people were killed by COVID-19 in China AFP / LEO RAMIREZ

There is no reported cure yet for COVID-19. At this point, the only way to stop further spreading the virus is for everyone to stringently abide by the order of their respective governments —stay at home and do self-quarantine.