Social networks are taking big steps this year to ensure election security and stem the spread of election misinformation. For its own part, Snapchat has also been working to engage U.S. voters in its own way: registration.

Snapchat has been able to convince 407,024 members to register to vote through its app as of Monday night, according to an Axios report, citing in-app data. The app has enabled this through a link called “Register to Vote,” and through the recently launched “Mini” feature, which allows users to register directly in-app.

Snapchat said that its numbers this year already nearly match the registration levels it achieved in 2018 overall. During that year’s midterm elections, Snapchat said that over half of the users that registered actually followed through and voted.

These outreach efforts could have a considerable impact on the demographics of November’s Presidential election turnout since the majority of Snapchat's users are under age 30. 

These efforts will continue on Tuesday as the company will debut a PSA featuring former President Barack Obama. The ad aims to encourage young users to vote as part of a broader media campaign the company is set to roll out in the coming weeks.

snapchat A Snapchat logo is pictured here. Photo: AFP/DENIS CHARLET