• Apple Watch can also play songs on Apple Music
  • The wearable will allow Apple Music subscribers to listen to their favorite music anytime, anywhere
  • The device now plays songs from Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora

The Apple Watch is more than just a wrist-worn device that tells time, gives directions and monitors the user's heartbeat, steps taken and calories burned. It can also be used to play music, whether songs they have on Spotify, Pandora or the songs in Apple Music's library.

Apple Watch users who are subscribed to Apple Music should know that they can use their wearable to play the songs in the streaming service's library. It can be used to play songs from their playlists, as well as songs that Apple suggests through Apple Curated lists.

The Apple Watch will help Apple Music subscribers enjoy the vast library of songs available for their listening pleasure. Users will be able to listen to the music they love anytime of the day using Cupertino's wearable, anywhere they wear them.

Apple Watches The Apple Watch will just keep getting better. Photo: Apple

Here's how to play Apple Music on the Apple Watch, courtesy of Apple Insider.

Playing Apple Music on the Apple Watch requires syncing with and iPhone.

  • First, users should make sure that the Apple Watch is charged and is within range of their iPhones.
  • Next, on the iPhone, users should go to Settings > Bluetooth, then toggle Bluetooth on.
  • After that, users should launch the Apple Watch app, still on their iPhone.
  • Inside the app, users should tap on My Watch, then Music.
  • Once there, users should tap on Add Music, then add the music they want to sync.

Users should be able to control Apple Music playback on their Apple Watches after syncing with the iPhone.

Users can also remove songs and playlists from the Apple Watch. In the event that a user doesn't want to hear certain songs on their wearable anymore and will want it removed, here's what he should do:

  • First, users should launch the Apple Watch app on their iPhone.
  • Next, they should tap My watch, followed by tapping on Music.
  • Once there, they should tap on Edit, then look for Playlists & Albums.
  • Once they have located it, they should tap the delete button to remove any unwanted music.
  • Users can also turn off automatically added playlists by tapping on the button next to the name of the playlist.

Users can also ask Siri to play their Apple Music songs or playlists for them, just like how it can play the music they have on Spotify and Pandora.