Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S11 Plus smartphone could possibly be a foldable smartphone, a report claims.

Previous reports say that Korean tech giant Samsung is hard at work on its upcoming flagships, the Galaxy S11 series of smartphones. One of these handsets, the Galaxy S11 Plus, is believed to be a real game changer thanks to the specs and features it might have.

Prominent tipster Evan Blass, known for his accuracy when it comes to leaks, even boldly claimed that the Galaxy S11 Plus will be “Samsung's real nuclear weapon” and will be different from the Galaxy S11 handset. This claim, Forbes noted, could mean a few things.

First, it could mean that the Galaxy S11 Plus's specs could be way more impressive compared to the Galaxy S11. Another leaker, @OnLeaks, recently released renders of the Galaxy S11 Plus and revealed that the upcoming device could have five rear cameras. The camera setup could be one of those specs.

Second, Forbes said it's “more likely” that the Galaxy S11 Plus will be a break from the usual form and be a foldable instead of the usual smartphone, and there's a very good point to this argument.

Forbes noted that in 2014, Samsung wanted to see if the market will be receptive to curved displays, and if the technology is worth manufacturing in massive quantities. It released the Galaxy Note Edge for that purpose and discovered that the market was receptive to the new display tech, and that it was worth manufacturing en masse. The technology eventually made its way to more smartphones.

Furthermore, the report emphasized that Samsung has included foldable technology as a key part of its plans in for the future. The company is already on its way to selling 500,000 Galaxy Fold units this year, PhoneArena reported, but that's not enough for it – ETNews, a Korean news site, claimed the Galaxy Fold maker is hoping to sell at least six million foldable smartphones in 2020.

Rebranding the Galaxy Fold and including them in the Galaxy S series of devices might not be enough to help the company reach that goal, however. Rebranding the Plus models of both the Galaxy S and Note lines as foldable devices, on the other hand, will help in differentiating between the standard and plus models.

Previous reports citing “solid sources” claimed Samsung is considering merging Galaxy S and Note lines into one since most of their features overlap with each other. This report falls in line with what Forbes is saying, in that there will be a clear distinction between the standard (S and Note models) and plus (foldable) models.

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