• Hillary and Bill Clinton chose to keep their marriage after his affair with Monica Lewinsky
  • Hillary Clinton shares how the public responded to her decision to keep her marriage
  • Bill Clinton grateful for his wife's decision to stay with him

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton got candid about their marriage after the ex-POTUS’ infidelity.

Hillary and Bill’s marriage was tested when the former politician’s affair with intern Monica Lewinsky was reported. The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal happened when he was serving as the country’s president between 1995 and 1997. The affair came to light in 1998.

Despite the controversy, Hillary and Bill decided to keep their marriage. In the Hulu documentary series “ Hillary,” the couple opened up about how they faced the ex-POTUS’ infidelity and why they decided to stick together.

Hillary said that she defended her husband from the impeachment process because she believed it was wrong. However, when it came to their marriage, it wasn’t the same thing and at the time, she was wondering if their relationship was “worth saving.” In fact, they met a counselor and had “painful discussions.”

Bill, on his part, considered the counseling sessions the hardest thing he went through in his life but also deemed it “necessary” because his wife and daughter Chelsea deserved it. In the end, Hillary decided to stay with her husband and she received mixed reaction from the public for doing so.

“Look, I think that some people thought I made the right decision and some people thought I made the wrong decision. I have gotten both affirmation and criticism for the decision I made. That was true from the very beginning of deciding that,” Hillary said (via The Daily Beast).

“It’s a funny time we live in. Public opinion shifts and people say, ‘Oh, it’s noble she stayed in the marriage’ to ‘oh, it’s so incomprehensible she stayed in the marriage.’ There are forces at work in society that people are working out themselves.”

Meanwhile, Bill said that he was “grateful” for Hillary’s decision to stick with him. He understood the burden his spouse faced due to the incident.

In the same documentary, Hillary confessed that there was a time when she didn’t talk to Bill. In fact, she shockingly confessed that at one point she realized she didn’t want anything to do with him, but that changed when the family was photographed with Chelsea holding her parents’ hands because Hillary felt that their daughter was trying to keep them together.

Then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton talks with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, after casting their votes in Chappaqua, New York on November 8, 2016. A fire reportedly broke out at the Clinton's Chappaqua home Wednesday. EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images