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Barack Obama was mocked by Twitter users for saying that women are better leaders after he beat Hillary Clinton.

In his speech for a leadership gathering in Singapore, the former U.S. president said that the world would be a much better place if it were led by women. While many agreed, some mocked the ex-POTUS for his statement, reminding him how he beat Clinton when they both ran for president.

One netizen said that Obama’s statement was “obvious pandering.” Another user said that Obama was just putting women on a pedestal and it doesn’t even jive with his past action when he ran against Clinton. If Michelle Obama’s husband really believed in what he said, he should have stepped aside for Clinton.

“Pity he didn't realize this when running against one, eh?” Helena Handbasket wrote.

“Yet defeated Hillary. If he really believed that why didnt he step down and let her be the Democratic nominee?” another netizen added.

Meanwhile, another user simply disagreed with Obama. According to David Louis Price, what Obama said didn’t work for them.

“With all due respect, Britain has had two women Prime Ministers; it didn't work out very well for us,” Price commented.

Some Twitter users were also wondering if Obama’s statement was his “coded way”of saying that the Democrats should not vote for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

There are rumors that Obama’s wife Michelle would be running for president despite the ex-FLOTUS’ statements in the past saying that there is “zero chance” she would ever join the presidential race. According to David Krayden, Ottawa Bureau Chief for the Daily Caller, the Obamas are “making another bid for power.” He believes that this time, it would be Michelle leading the race.

Obama supporters are looking forward to their return to the White House. Many wanted Michelle to run in the next election, with many saying that they miss the former first family.

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A young Barack Obama will pop up in an upcoming Season 3 episode of CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow.” Pictured: Obama speaks at Goalkeepers 2017 at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Sept. 20, 2017 in New York City. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation