Hipmunk, the travel search site that aims to take the agony out of travel planning, launched a new integrated calendar application on Thursday.

The app -- which takes Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal events and integrates them into both mobile flight and hotel search results -- is said to help users avoid having to toggle between apps, calendars and search results.

"We are thrilled to be the first travel company to allow this type of unique personalization," Hipmunk CEO Adam Goldstein said in a statement.

By utilizing Hipmunk, iPhone, iPad, and Android OS users will be able to find easy travel options that fit their unique schedule while eliminating the need to toggle between search results, multiple calendars, and maps.

Any meeting that conflicts with a flight is displayed on-screen, while event locations are plotted on the map alongside nearby hotels.

Hipmunk Fight & Hotel Seach App Screen (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hipmunk-flight-hotel-search/id419950680?mt=8)

"We're dedicated to solving actual travel planning problems, and from personal experience, we understand how agonizing it can be finding the right flight between two meetings or the best hotel within walking distance to the day's first meeting," Goldstein said.

The San Francisco-based company started out in 2010 as a site designed to help people who are, more often than not, overwhelmed with search results when trying to plan a business trip or vacation.

By presenting flight search results in an organized visual timeline and hotel results on a map, the company is continuing its effort to make the consumers travel experience more convenient and even more fun.

Hipmunk Fight & Hotel Seach App Screen (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hipmunk-flight-hotel-search/id419950680?mt=8)

According to the CEO, there has been a strong demand for calendar integration within the travel community. And knowing this, Hipmunk is not only proud to be the first to offer it, they're confident that they can do it right.

"Since business travelers are constantly on the move and glued to their phones, many of them are on the leading edge of mobile technology adaption," Goldstein said.

"They've been asking for this feature on mobile and we're confident the integration will save them time while travel planning," he added.

Hipmunk, which ranked in TIME Magazine's 50 Best Websites, is offering the Flight and Hotel Search App for free through the App Store and Android Market.

Check below for a full list of features for the new Calendar integration app.

Mobile flight search integration features:

  • Events and meetings are overlaid on flight results with vertical stripes highlighting any flight and meeting conflicts;
  • A conflict notification appears within the flight details when a conflicting flight leg is selected;
  • A menu allows users to select which calendars and events should appear in flight results;
  • On Android, a no conflicts button lets users hide flights that conflict with a user's calendar.

Mobile hotel search integration features:

  • Meetings with location information are marked on the map showing users which hotels are nearest to which individual events;
  • A list of the highest ecstasy-ranked hotels is sorted by proximity to an individual result;
  • Flags denote the meetings and the number on the flag represents the date of the event;
  • A menu lets users select which events and meetings are displayed on map.