The sorry story - which dates back to 2005 - finally came out Wednesday as Plaxico Burress' dispute with a car dealer over damages to the Chevrolet Avalanche landed in a Pennsylvania courtroom.

The Manhattan D.A. is finding out whether bullets found in a Chevy Avalanche leased to Plaxico Burress can be linked to guns owned by Burress that were recently seized by police. Burress is scheduled for a court appearance March 31 on gun charges stemming from the November shooting at a Manhattan nightclub.

If Manhattan DA investigators can link ballistics evidence from the 2005 shooting to any of Burress' guns, it could complicate his effort to remain out of jail over the Thanksgiving-weekend nightclub shooting.

Burress was charged with two counts of illegal weapons possession after he accidentally shot himself in the right thigh at a Manhattan nightclub Nov. 29. After the self-inflicted shooting, the Giants suspended the 31-year-old receiver for the remainder of the season. He is out on bail.