A mosaic “junk portrait” made completely out of trash depicting reality TV starlet Honey Boo Boo, has gone viral on the Internet in the past few days. The former beauty pageant queen-turned reality television star (real name Alana Thompson) has made waves across the country since debuting on television alongside her family, on the hit TV show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

Thompson and her family are beloved by many for their sassy one-liners and outrageous “redneck” lifestyle, but they’ve also generated a substantial amount of criticism from viewers and critics offended by their “trashy” behavior and parenting choices.

The artist who chose to pay homage to Thompson with his latest trash masterpiece, Jason Mecier, has made a career out of creating portraits of celebrities using only found objects. His previous portfolio of work includes a diverse roster of stars and politicians ranging from comedic actresses like Tina Fey, Amy Sedaris, and Parker Posey to music icons like Mary J. Blige, Michael Jackson, and Barbara Streisand, and even politicians like President Obama, Mitt Romney.

Mecier’s latest effort took over 50 hours to finish, and required 25 lbs of trash, much of which was inspired by Thompson’s on screen persona. Some of the many items used include: tiaras, a bottle of Mountain Dew, two cans of hairspray, two cans of Red Bull, a mermaid shaped toothbrush, a digital camera, Cortaid, plastic hair curlers, a dismembered Cabbage Patch doll, Good & Plenty candies, coupons, a playing card from the game “Sorry!”, a jar of Pigs Feet, a carton of Low Fat Milk, and a Snuggie box.

For maximum Honey Boo Boo appreciation, Mecier even filmed himself creating the portrait – the video had received over 160,000 views on YouTube as of Wednesday afternoon.