Guerrilla Games is scheduled to release its new role-playing video game, entitled “Horizon Zero Dawn,” next week. The embargo has already been lifted and the reviews about the game have already scattered online. Ahead of its official release on the PlayStation 4 title however, new details about the game surfaced this Monday.

Someone who has knowledge about the development of “Horizon Zero Dawn” took to NeoGAF to spill the beans on its first-day patch. According to the video game forum member with the handle thuway, players can now expect an early patch to enhance the PlayStation 4 support. This move involves the introduction of a Performance Mode that is said to tinker the framerates and resolution of the game for better viewing on 4K and 1080p displays.

PlayStation Universe learned that the day-one patch brings with it new PS4 Pro-specific options presented on the menu to improve the game’s visual experience. Some of the options enable players to set the resolution and HDR/SDR preferences on the Visual menu found under Settings.

Meanwhile, GameSpot reported that the day-one patch is clocking in at 250 MB. Given its file size, it’s safe to say that this small patch does not introduce or come with more in-game features.

In Guerrilla Games’ new RPG, players are tasked to take on the role of Aloy, who is described to be a hunter and archer. “With much of the world in ruins and giant mechanical beasts roam freely, Aloy will have to battle against the machines and other tribes that threaten her exploration,” the description of the $60 game’s premise read, as per Gameranx.

Since the embargo was lifted on Monday, several game reviews dissecting the video game have surfaced. For the most part, the new game received positive reviews from critics. For example, IGN gave it 9.3 out of 10 and lauded its in-game combats to be “extremely satisfying” and the missions to be “compelling.”

“Horizon Zero Dawn” is scheduled for launch in North America on Feb. 28. The game is then expected to arrive in Europe on March 1.