Controversy sizzled when Nestle voluntarily recalled 238,000 hot pockets on Tuesday. The news followed an earlier recall of meat from Rancho feeding. The US department of agriculture suspended the meat company because of ‘unsanitary conditions’. The meat from their factory could have been used in the hot pockets, so they have been pulled off the shelves.

But which hot pockets were affected? The Philly steak and cheese hot pocket and its croissant Philly cheese steak were all recalled. The good news is, no one has reported any illnesses due to consumption and people can easily get their money back by returning the goods to where they purchased it.

Rancho Feeding did recall a whopping 8.7 million pounds of meat, and Nestle was not ready to roll the dice with the chance that some of that spoiled meat could be in their products.

Nestle has done the right thing with the voluntary recall and addressing the issue by stating in a release:

"Our teams at Nestlé have reviewed our vendor records and have determined that one Nestlé brand has been impacted by the Rancho meat recall."

We have seen time and time again companies bounce back after recalls to regain their customers trust, and Nestle will be no different. But one thing is certain, it will be a really long time before I eat a hot pocket again.