The House of Representatives has quickly voted to allocate an additional $2 billion for the in demand ‘Cash for Clunkers' car rebate program just ahead of its summer recess.

The House voted 316-109 to transfer money from the Energy Department to the program after an initial $1 billion fund was nearly used up.

A delegation of lawmakers from Michigan, home of the U.S. auto industry sought earlier in the day to keep the program alive.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs had said the program is something we believe can, and should be extended, according to Bloomberg.

The Senate, which adjourns next week for its summer recess, would still need to vote to authorize the transfer.

The Senate will try to go to the bill next week, he told Bloomberg.

The cash-for-clunkers program requires interested buyers to trade in an old vehicle they own in exchange for a rebate which can be up to $4,500. The award must be used for the purchase of a brand new car or truck through an auto dealer registered to participate in the government's program.

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