Android Antivirus apps could be paving the way for serious risks than providing protection to Android users.

A recently conducted research revealed how a number of Android antivirus apps are actually performing opposite the task they are paid for. The test aimed to expose how much of the commonly installed antivirus apps are capable of detecting and eliminating malware threats on Android devices.

The test was conducted on 21 Android antivirus apps. The results revealed that only half of them would be capable of finding and putting down malware and viruses. Among the other half that failed, one surprisingly showed that aside from failing to provide the protection expected, it was even capable of opening a user’s address book to potential hackers.

Another test conducted by AV-Comparatives, an Australian company, revealed that less than 10 percent of the existing android antivirus apps are able to provide the complete detection for malware potentials. The test conducted on 250 Android antivirus apps exposed that only 21 of them were really capable of providing android devices with antivirus and antimalware protection.

A statement released by the University of Cambridge said that it is primarily because of the amount of trust that the Android users are giving to their antivirus apps that the rate of the android users’ exposure to vulnerabilities to rising to up to 87 percent.

Due to the increasing number of potential malware and virus exploitation, the number of Android users depending on their Android antivirus apps continues to increase. Since not everything that these antivirus and antimalware product claims on their advertisements are what they actually do, Android users now are left with no option but to be vigilant in choosing their protection.

Reviews are one factor that Android antivirus app seekers are looking upon to see if the app is worth installing. Sadly, some app makers write the review themselves while some are paying for the posting of positive reviews.

Whatever android antivirus app the users may choose, the safest thing to do is to assure that the antivirus or antimalware app does not change the Android device’s security features and that reverting everything can be done at anytime the user wishes to do so. Lastly, it is best to seek expert advice especially when the android devices are handling sensitive and confidential matters such as banking and credit card information.