Windows Defender now ranks number one on the best antivirus solutions from being called the worst antivirus in the past years.

AV-Test, a German independent research institute, recently released their May/June 2019 best antivirus for Windows Home users, with a report stating that Windows Defender bags the number one spot on the said ranking.

The report revealed that the Defender rapidly matured in a few years' time, eliminating the first impressions that users had on it in the past years, categorizing it as the worst antivirus solution.

The result of the German independent research institute further revealed that, during the test, Windows Defender displayed little performance impact. Defender managed to block 100 percent of its 2,428-sample general test corpus and 100 percent of its 307-sample zero-day malware corpus.

The AV-Test revealed that Windows Defender shared the number one spot with Norton Security, F-Secure SAFE and Kaspersky Internet Security. Windows Defender, however, is the only one among the top antivirus software that comes free with Windows 10, giving it a significant advantage over others.

The lists of antivirus software were ranked according to certain specific categories such as performance, protection and usability categories. The abovementioned antivirus solutions that made it on the top spot all received a perfect six out of six scores.

Webroot Secure Anywhere 9.0 now claims the bottom spot scoring only 11.5 out of 18. The spot was what Windows Defender occupied for a few years.

Meanwhile, almost making it to the top spot together with the Windows Defender is Avast and AVG. The two solutions failed half points in the protection category with the 17.5 out of 18 ending up in second place of the top antivirus solutions list.

Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s corporate vice president, proudly tweeted the good news to his Twitter followers on Wednesday. He added that Defender is now the most commonly used antivirus in the Enterprise and SMB customers.

Windows Defender was first released under the name Microsoft Security Essentials almost a decade ago. MSE spending its first years at the bottom list of the top antivirus software indeed came a long way now bagging the title as the best antivirus software of the today