‘13 Reasons Why’
“13 Reasons Why” stars Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford recently sat down for an interview ahead of Season 2 release. Netflix

“13 Reasons Why” stars Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford recently graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

In their interview with the publication, the co-stars shared details about the first time they met, their chemistry test, the reaction of fans to the hit Netflix series and more. Langford described the first time she met Minnette as uneventful. They just saw each other after Langford’s rehearsal and were told that they will be working together. They exchanged hellos and nothing more.

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In the series, Minnette plays the role of Clay Jensen, a high school student who eventually develops feelings for Langford’s Hannah Baker. The two actors have undeniable onscreen chemistry, but Minnette revealed that they never underwent a screen test before they started filming. Both of them were cast separately because they lived in two different parts of the world. Due to this, the people behind the show simply trusted their gut that they could make things work for “13 Reasons Why.”

Minnette and Langford’s connection is also evident in the photos they took for the publication. In one of the snaps, Minnette hugs Langford by the waist. Another photo shows Langford standing behind Minnette with their heads placed very close to each other. In another picture, Langford carefully rests her hand on Minnette’s shoulder. Another snap shows Langford lying on Minnette’s lap while both of them are holding a cassette tape.

Meanwhile, the success of “13 Reasons Why” has turned Minnette and Langford into overnight sensations. The former said that the reactions of fans to the show are varied. But since its release on March 31, fans have started recognizing him everywhere. Regardless of whether or not they loved the show, fans would ask to take photos with him. On the other hand, there are also a lot of fans who have walked up to Minnette and told him that the series has changed their lives immensely.

“The show has affected so many people differently. I’ve had people come up to me and either just like cry so much and then you just give them a hug, like, I connect with that. That’s such a beautiful and a really wonderful connection. It’s kind of the reason why I love doing this and why I love the show and why I love talking about the show… because there is a potential to make an impact,” Langford added.

Towards the end of their interview, Langford was asked how they broke the tension on set. She explained that even though the series tackled controversial issues, they never felt like they were pressed to do something that was out of their comfort zone. The lead star also revealed that working with Minnette helped her a lot when it came to getting into character because Minnette was such a good onscreen partner. Minnette, who was obviously touched by the comment, joked around and said that he doesn’t know what Langford was talking about.

13 Reasons Why” has just been renewed by Netflix for a second season. The upcoming 13 new episodes are expected to be released sometime next year.