“Outlander” Season 4 wrapped up a lot of storylines, but it left quite a few threads hanging too. Here’s all the drama that went down in the finale.

Claire, Jamie and Ian go to the Mohawks to find Roger, but they get turned away after the Native Americans see Claire’s necklace. They say it belonged to Otter Tooth, and they can’t make a deal with them now.

A Native American woman leads a small group of Mohawks after Jamie and Claire to get the necklace. She tells them about Otter Tooth, who sounds like a time traveler. Many years ago, he arrived and started warning their tribe that Native American culture would be erased. He said they needed to start a war with the colonizers, but he was banished after he started killing white men. He kept coming back until the tribe eventually beheaded him. He was trying to warn them even as they killed him.

Even after his death, the men who killed him couldn’t stop thinking about his warnings that they’d be forgotten.

Claire realizes that Otter Tooth’s skull was the one she found with silver fillings. She is told that Otter Tooth’s ghost follows whoever wears the necklace. Claire remembers how the spirit visited her during the storm.

The woman believes Otter Tooth’s warning, and she thinks the stone will allow her to see what is coming. Claire says she is willing to hand over the stone for Roger.

Meanwhile, Murtagh stays at Jocasta’s home and he isn’t thrilled to hear that Jocasta is planning to marry Brianna off. Brianna informs Murtagh that they will not go through with actually getting married. She also reveals that she has forgiven Stephen Bonnet for raping her. She says it brought her “enough” peace, and furthermore, she has already forgiven her father for what he did to Roger.

Her family is trying desperately to save Roger. Claire, Jamie and Ian head back to the Native Americans. Their new allies help them quietly get to Roger, but as they pull him from the hut, another one of Roger’s captors sees. Though he is asked to let them go, this guy is not about to let Roger escape. They try to fight, but they’re quickly cornered.

Outlander Season 4 finale recap
Young Ian made a big trade in the "Outlander" Season 4 finale. Starz

The chief banishes Jamie and Claire’s allies from the Mohawk tribe. He knows that Jamie and Claire didn’t bring the trouble. He blames Otter Tooth’s stone. He says they can go, but without a fair trade, Roger must stay.

Jamie offers to take Roger’s place. He tells Ian to bring his offer to the Native Americans while he kisses Claire goodbye. A few minutes later, Ian comes back and says the deal has been accepted, and Ian will be taking Roger’s place. He tells Jamie not to break him out. This is his choice. Rollo appears to be staying with him too.

Back at Jocasta’s, she has a drink with Murtagh and warns him against rejoining the regulators. He suggests she could use her influence to help the cause, and she gets offended. She says he is always scheming and throws quite a few insults at him. The disagreement ends with Murtagh grabbing Jocasta, who throws a drink in his face.

Apparently, that’s just foreplay for these two. The next scene shows them after what looks like a steamy night in bed together, and Jocasta asks if he really has to leave. He says he has to go before trouble follows but not before bringing her back into bed.

When Jamie and Claire finally have a quiet moment on their way back, Roger decides to deck Jamie as hard as he can. Brianna’s father understands and tells Roger to hit him.

As Roger beats up Jamie, Ian goes through a “gauntlet” with the Native Americans. He actually does quite well and is told that he will become one of the Mohawks. Ian is thrilled.

Outlander 412 recap
Brianna reunited with her parents in the "Outlander" Season 4 finale. Starz

After Roger runs out of energy hitting Jamie, he asks about Brianna and why Jamie attacked him. Claire tells him that Brianna was raped, and Jamie clarifies that it was after he left. Roger is shocked to hear that it was Stephen Bonnet and explains his connection to the psychopath. He says he has two rubies with which he intends to bring Brianna back to the future.

Then, Claire reveals that Brianna is pregnant. Roger’s face falls when he hears it could be Bonnet’s baby, and Claire says she isn’t sure a child can go through the stones. Jamie asks Roger if he could stay with Brianna and raise a child that might be Bonnet’s blood. Roger says he needs time to think about that.

Meanwhile, Brianna gives birth to a baby boy who hasn’t been named yet. When Jamie and Claire arrive, Roger isn’t with them. They tell Brianna that they’re going to take her back to Fraser’s Ridge where she’ll be surrounded by family.

While Brianna is packing, she sees Roger coming. She meets him outside and they declare their love for each other. Roger asks to see his baby, making it clear that he doesn’t care if he is the baby’s real father or not.

Brianna and Roger finally found their way back to each other in the "Outlander" Season 4 finale. Starz

“Outlander” can’t end on such a happy note, though. There has to be twist, and it comes in the final moments.

Suddenly, the redcoats arrive, which makes the family quickly hide Murtagh. However, they’re just delivering a letter to Jamie (which is apparently something a dozen men need to do). Jamie is being ordered to lead a militia to fight the regulators. Specifically, he has to kill Murtagh.

“Outlander” has been renewed for Season 5, but Starz has not announced a premiere date.