Google unveiled on Tuesday its most ambitious attempt on the fast-growing social networking world, Google Buzz which is built into Gmail.

Google Buzz is a way to have conversations inside of Gmail that integrates a variety of media, including photos, video and links, with options for public and private publication.

The internet giant said it hoped to use its core search algorithms to work through the flood of social media on the web and filter out distracting or irrelevant information for users of its new service, called Google Buzz.

“Five years ago, Gmail was just email. Later we added chat and then video chat, both built right in, so people had choices about how to communicate from a single browser window,” the Gmail team wrote in a press release. “

Today… People are sharing photos with friends and family, commenting on news happening around them, and telling the world what they’re up to in real-time.”

The Buzz -- ironically, the same name of Yahoo's Digg-like article ranking tool -- will also be available on mobile phones.

The new feature can connect users to sites like Picasa, Flickr and Twitter.

Watch a video below which explains how Google Buzz works inside of Gmail: