Finding success in the business world is no simple task, especially as a fledgling entrepreneur; 21.5 percent of small businesses fail within their first year in the United States, with two-thirds of fledgling enterprises shuttering their doors within three years of operations. The odds only get more difficult for female entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves in male-dominated fields, as women business owners consistently receive fewer investment funds in their ventures than their male counterparts. According to figures from Bloomberg, only 2 percent of the billions of dollars of investment capital distributed in 2021 went to female-led ventures, despite the fact that both women and men-led ventures have been proven to be on an equal playing field in terms of revenue.

This issue is only compounded outside of entrepreneurship, as women employed by companies and corporations are similarly overlooked for executive leadership roles in the workplace in favor of men. Recent data from 2020 shows that only 5 percent of Chief Executive Officers around the world are women, while men continue to dominate the top of executive leadership taking up 95 percent of these top-level positions.

While there is no simple solution to this widespread gender inequity in the world of business, representation from high-profile and successful female power entrepreneurs and executives can help lead aspiring women business owners by example and inspire them to follow through on their professional dreams to the fullest. This helps flourishing women show to others they can succeed "because of—not in spite of—certain characteristics generally considered to be "feminine" and inappropriate in leaders," says the Harvard Business Review.

Leading the charge into positive executive female leadership is Seren Shvo, Head of Communications at multi-billion-dollar U.S. real estate firm Shvo Real Estate. Utilizing her expertise in FinTech and venture capital – an industry likewise suffering from a lack of prominent women – Shvo's nuanced perspective has helped propel Shvo Real Estate into its most profitable era yet.

Seren Shvo
Seren Shvo Seren Shvo

As a working mother, Shvo's story can easily resonate with her fellow women across the world; many mothers aspire to one day own their own business or reach high-level employment positions, but numerous societal barriers continue to hold them back. Shvo's masterclass in balancing work and home life has the potential to inspire countless working mothers to follow suit and seize the fate of their career paths back into their own hands.

For Anastasia Romanova, co-founder of eco-friendly cannabis industry powerhouse Hemuly, her unique role as a woman behind the helm of a cannabis company has allowed Romanova to approach the business from a whole new perspective – especially as the representation of female leadership in the cannabis industry continues on a downward trajectory.

Anastasia Romanova
Anastasia Romanova Anastasia Romanova

At Hemuly, Romanova has revolutionized the cannabis cultivation process toward a more sustainable approach, cutting down on the process's standard massive energy use with proprietary LED technology, employing meticulously designed irrigation techniques to reduce water waste, and eliminating harmful pesticides and herbicides from the equation. The result? Safer, more sustainable, organic cannabis that's both good for the consumer and for the planet – a business model made possible by Romanova's nuanced feminine mindset that breaks away from male-created industry standards.

Julia Parle (Jules), founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based holistic facial spa Face of Jules, is no stranger to the challenges of finding success as an entrepreneur. After building her skills in the industry – learning what works and what doesn't from veterans in the space – Jules developed her unique methods and style. Eventually, Jules would go on to open her world-class facility, Face of Jules to provide her clients with premier aesthetics services and more.

Julia Parle (Face of Jules)
Julia Parle (Face of Jules) Julia Parle Face of Jules

Jules and her Face of Jules team exclusively use using natural products and state-of-the-art technology. Blending industry-standard aesthetics, cutting-edge science, and an oft-overlooked nutritional approach, Face of Jules' methodology is as unique as it is effective. In addition to the top aesthetics and spa services that clients expect, Jules goes the extra mile by explaining the effect diet and nutrition have on her clients' skin. Jules understands poor diets, internal inflammation, hormonal imbalance, or even food allergies are responsible for many people's skin issues. While many of her colleagues do not like to educate their clients on nutrition – as some believe this will hinder their business – Jules puts her clients first by emphasizing the role diet has in one's skincare journey.

Though there's plenty of forward progress left to be made for women in the executive and entrepreneurial spaces, the future for females in business certainly looks bright with powerful leaders like Shvo and Romanova leading the way.