• The Airship map is now available in "Among Us"
  • The major update introduces new additions and gameplay tweaks 
  • Some "Among Us" players report experiencing errors and bugs
  • The following are some tips and tricks to fix these issues

The release of the Airship map, which introduced new tasks, areas to explore and gameplay changes, have triggered a surge in player count in "Among Us." Unfortunately, some players report having encountered various bugs and errors while accessing or playing the game, including the "GoogleAuthNoToken" error.

How To Fix The "GoogleAuthNoToken" Error

Some "Among Us" players report that they are being barred from accessing the game or joining in-progress matches. This is due to an authentication error which, as of press time, is exclusive to the Google Play or the Android version of the game. According to players, when they attempt to log in to a game in progress or begin a match of their own, they see the message that says, "Failed! Something went wrong with creating your account. Please try again later. (Error GoogleAuthNoToken)."

The is error is not because the game could not create the player's account. It is not trying to create another version of the account, either. Instead, it means that Google is having difficulty authenticating the account's existence. It could not decipher the request to access the "Among Us" game server.

The Airship New Among Us update out now! The Airship is a new, free, 4th map for Among Us out now! All new tasks, skins, and more to keep you working ... and guessing. Photo: Innersloth Official YouTube Channel

Innersloth is aware of the issue and is trying to resolve it. The devs also provided a workaround that players can use in the meantime.

Meanwhile, some players shared that they deleted, redownloaded and reinstalled the game. Others simply restarted their device and got the error fixed. Players can also try accessing the game using a guest account to continue playing.

Other Bugs In "Among Us" 

Aside from the "GoogleAuthNoToken" error, there are other bugs in the game that, at times, only need a simple fix. For instance, the infinite loading screen that players experience can usually be fixed by restarting the game. The bug where players get stuck after meetings can be resolved by simply closing and opening the Settings menu. 

Bugs and errors are expected especially after a launch of a major update. Given the rise of players accessing the game right now because of the new Airship map, it is safe to assume that some of the bugs have been most likely amplified by the huge number of players trying to log in.

"Among Us" is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.