• The Airship map is the newest location coming to "Among Us"
  • The new content is set to arrive on March 31
  • Innersloth confirmed another free item dropping with the update

The "Among Us" Airship map's arrival is just a few days away and Innersloth continues to tease fans with more surprises, including a confirmation of another free item.

Airship Map Brings Free New Hats

On its official Twitter account, Innersloth announced that the new Airship map will come with a "few free hats." This confirms that players will have a new hat option, which will allow them to wear a hat in-game.

The tweet also mentioned "angry eyebrows." Presumably, it refers to the kind of hat that will make its wearer appear like it has a massive pair of angry eyebrows.

But it seems that devs have a lot more surprises up their sleeves. Recently, it shared a brief clip showing a character wearing the new Unicorn Hat. This particular hat joins the angry eyebrow hat in the growing list of free hats that "Among Us" players could wear in-game.

Among Us The Airship Map Reveal Trailer - Coming Early 2021!
The Airship is a new, free, 4th map for Among Us, coming out in early 2021! All new tasks, skins, and more to keep you working ... and guessing. Innersloth Official YouTube Channel

The new free hats do not add anything to the game aside from fun style choices. However, fans can expect that this is going to be a common sight once the Airship map update rolls out.

New Rooms, Tasks And Features

The "Among Us" Airship map will introduce several new rooms, including the kitchen. The update also renames some common rooms players are familiar with, including the Medbay, which is now called the Airship's Medical. Other rooms confirmed coming with the new update include Records, Left and Right Gap Room, Kitchen, Engine Room, Electrical, Brig, Armory and Showers.

Several new and returning tasks will also be available in the new content. Players will need to wiggle a bag of trash out of the bin and polish a huge gemstone as part of the fourth location's new set of tasks. Ladders and a slow-moving horizontally programmed platform will add more challenges to both crewmates and impostors. Innersloth also confirmed that in the upcoming update, players will have the ability to choose in which room to begin.

The "Among Us" Airship map is scheduled to roll out on March 31. "Among Us" is currently available on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.