By now it’s clear to viewers that Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) of ABC’s “How to Get Away With Murder” is a talented lawyer, but is she good enough to clear siblings Catherine (Amy Okuda) and Caleb Hapstall (Kendrick Sampson) of murder? During Season 2, episode 2 it was revealed that Caleb’s DNA had been found in the car in which his aunt was murdered. Annalise and the Keating five were able to explain the DNA, buying them more time to come up with a clear defense, but can they handle yet another curve ball?

According to ABC's synopsis for episode 3, "It’s Called The Octopus," Caleb and Catherine are not off the hook just yet. The case will be shaken by the revelation of a new motive favoring the prosecution. This puts Annalise and the Keating five in jeopardy of losing their case and their clients going to prison for killing both their mother and aunt. With their reputation as a winning legal team on the line Wes (Alfred Enoch) will look to “an unexpected ally” for help.

As Caleb and Catherine’s trial continues viewers are left to wonder about the other happenings in Season 2 thus far. At the closing of episode 3 it was revealed that, not only had Annalise been shot inside the sibling’s home, the lawyer prosecuting her husband Sam’s (Tom Verica) case was also left lying dead somewhere. The show offered no clues as to who may be responsible for either crime. It is clear, however, that the Keating five was present when Annalise was shot. In fact, Conner (Jack Falahee) was shown kneeling by the Middleton University professor’s side as she gasped for air.

Viewers should also keep an eye out for Levi (Matt Cohen), who will likely return in episode 3. “HTGAWM” first introduced him to viewers at the court house, where he approached Connor and Michaela (Aja Naomi King). Michaela deflected his flirtations, telling him she has a boyfriend. The pair were later reintroduced at a local bar, where they spend the evening shooting pool and exchanging flirty advances. It is unclear from episode 2 what Levi’s motives are in getting close to Michaela and the Keating five, but it surely won’t be long before viewers find out.

“HTGAWM” Season 2, episode, 3, "It’s Called The Octopus," airs Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.