The Knuckles meme has taken over among gamers, and now there's a Snapchat lens for it. 

Ugandan Knuckles derives from the character Knuckles The Echidna, which appeared in Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in 1994. He’s called Knuckles because of the two knuckles on each of his hands, which contain spikes. Ugandan Knuckles is a caricature that resembles the Sega character.  

The new Knuckles version first appeared in a Sonic Lost World video review from Gregzilla, according to Polygon. The channel, which has more than 128,000 subscribers, features numerous Ugandan Knuckles videos. Afterwards, other YouTubers started creating videos with the character, including the clip “Knuckles Sings.”

Step By Step: How To Get Ugandan Knuckles Filter on Snapchat

The character has received so much attention that people are now using it as a Snapchat filter. A user on Reddit created a Knuckles filter people with the app can use. The character doesn’t move around or dance like other filter characters. However, it is a 3D way to bring the Knuckles character to the real world.

To use the Knuckles filter on Snapchat users should:

  1. Open up their Snapchat app. It’s best to have the latest version of the app, since it might not work with older versions.

  2. Go to Snap mode and have the camera ready.

  3. Go to this Reddit page and grab the code. Users can do so by placing their camera in front of the Snapchat code (the yellow box with the Knuckles character in it), while at the same time pressing down on the Knuckles picture. Snapchat will then search for the code.

  4. A window should pop up afterwards which will ask users if they want to unlock the code or send it to friends.

  5. Tap on “Unlock for 24 hours.” The option will allow people to use the filter for a whole day. 

  6. Users can then start snapping with the filter. The Knuckles option should be the first to come up when choosing filters.