How I Met Your Dad Eliza Dushku
Was Eliza Dushku cast as Juliet on "How I Met Your Dad"? Creative Commons

While “How I Met Your Mother” is shooting its final scene of the nine-season CBS series, things are just starting to heat up with its spinoff, “How I Met Your Dad.” Yes, “HIMYD” is officially a thing—especially now that the spinoff’s creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, have announced Greta Gerwig will star in the comedy as lead character Sally.

Sally is essentially Ted in the new show, portraying the role of a vibrant, messy and unpredictable character. “[She’s] a female Peter Pan who has never grown up and has no idea where she’s going in life,” the synopsis of her character read. But what sets Sally apart from the protagonist of “HIMYM” is that when the series begins, she's married to a guy named Gavin. “She’ll lean on her circle of friends for advice and support through the inevitable divorce,” teases her character description.

But among all of Sally’s friends, there’s only one who will have her back throughout the entire series. And who is this bestie we’re referring to? Well, she’s a sexy, flamboyant, energetic, party girl named Juliet who is on team “Divorce Gavin” due to his “terminally boring” ways. When first hearing about the character of Juliet, we immediately thought of Krysten Ritter. She’s sassy, interesting and, not to mention, has a great sense of style. Just as we became certain the dark-haired beauty would be snagging the role, we saw a tweet that totally changed our minds.

“Ok. Now to put down iPhone aka #Kiev #Venezuela tracking device & pick up ‘How I Met Your Dad’ pilot script to read #spinoff #channelchange,” Eliza Dushku wrote.

You might know the 33-year-old actress from her role as the flexible gymnast Missy in “Bring It On” or from her four-year stint on the hit series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as Faith, where she starred alongside "HIMYM" star Alyson Hannigan. The red carpet standout is witty, gorgeous, and would make a killer Juliet, don’t you think?

“#Reading the pilot, folks. No announcement, just a first date- perhaps this weekend. #HowIMetYourDad. It IS kinda #badass #justsaying,” she assured fans. We doubt Dushku would be reading the role of the narrator (she's not the right age), which leaves only the role of Juliet.

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