• The Metaverse represents the future of the internet.

  • However, the missing link between the internet of today and tomorrow is file size and download speed.

  • Binominal´s innovative open-source image and texture compression solutions seek to fill that gap.

  • It is 8x more effective than current compression systems. That’s why its potential has been recognized by Google, Amazon, and major streaming services.

After Facebook’s rebrand, the Metaverse has become a hot topic. This, alongside a new compression method known as Basis, which is regarded as 8x more effective than its predecessors such as jpeg, could usher in a new era of the internet.

Despite the innovation promised by the Metaverse, there are still technological barriers to be overcome before they can become a reality. However, the release of new image and texture compression standards will help to usher in this new era of the internet.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse refers to a convergence of a number of technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), cryptography, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Eventually, they will allow users to inhabit an interactive, online universe. Supporters envision users being able to work, play and connect in this new digital universe.

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The Importance Of Compression

Today there are many reasons compression is important:

  • In 2021 Google rolled out the core web vitals update ranking websites by their load speed. Those who switched early to compressed versions of all images saw increased performance thanks to the search giants’ preferential ranking.

  • Companies like Netflix and Youtube can save millions of dollarsa in storage and hosting fees with better compression - and the same is true for any business that hosts images online.

Compression methods are responsible for the squashing of images so that users can experience them smoothly. Given how prolific imagery is online, texture compression technology is rightly considered is the backbone of the internet.

Old compression methods such as the well-renowned JPEG have not been updated since the early ’90s. Newer compression methods are significantly more efficient than the original approaches. In practice, this means that a zoom call, or a YouTube video, could be made much smoother or clearer, without the use of any more processing power.

A generational leap in compression methods will significantly improve the outlook for the internet’s future.

A New Compression Method

Binomial is a technology company founded in 2016 that produces image and texture compression software; their outward focus on improving compression is spearheaded by their open source technology Basis Universal. Their industry-leading products are supported by some of the biggest names in tech.

Their technology was named one of the most breakthrough technologies in the Virtual Reality Awards Show, and Khronos - a 3D graphics, VR, and AR standards body - even contacted them to express their desire for their software to be an image standard. They have successfully worked with Netflix, Magic Leap, Google, and other major players.

About Binomial

The owners of the company, Rich and Stephanie, have worked for some of the biggest gaming and technology names in the world. Rich has worked for Intel, Valve, and SpaceX. Stephanie is a former graphics engineer at Oculus and Facebook.

Industry experts predict that Binomial will facilitate the Metaverse and the transition to Web 3.0.


The development of the new industry standards in image and texture compression will bring the future of the internet (the Metaverse) to reality. Binomial and others will need to work closely with various Metaverse companies to make this happen.

Image compression is the foundation that the internet was built on.