Facebook is getting ready to launch a new program called Facebook at Work, a collaboration and communication network that lets everyone in the office stay up to date on group projects. 

How to use Facebook at Work?

Facebook at Work uses communications tools like the News Feed, Groups, Events and a Messenger app, which is all powered by the same algorithm as Facebook, except you get to chat with your company instead of your friends.

A profile includes a photo and employee information, such as position and department. Groups also have three different categories: open, closed, or secret. Open groups can be used to spread company news or updates. Closed Groups can be used to keep track of current projects. Secret groups are unsearchable and invite only. The messenger is also very similar to Facebook’s current messaging app.

You don’t have to approve requests

Just like Facebook, Facebook at Work’s newsfeed can be tailored to the user’s preferences, but will contain group updates, according to Vanessa Chan head of communications for Facebook at Work. Instead of friending your coworkers, users can simply follow them, which means you don’t have to approve requests.

How will Facebook at Work make money?

As of right now, the current version doesn’t have any ads, but Chan told Gizmodo that Facebook is more focused on growing its user base compared to monetizing. Facebook at Work will probably follow a “freemium” model, which will allow companies to pay for features like analytics.

Facebook at Work will launch today

Though Facebook at Work is currently still in its beta Version, Facebook at Work currently has about 450 companies. According to TechCrunch, there are about 60,000 companies on a waiting list. Facebook at Work has been tested with companies such as Telenor, Century 21, Heineken, Royal Bank of Scotland, Weber Shandwick, Hootsuite, and many more. Facebook is expected to launch Facebook at Work later today. 

Update: Facebook at Work has been renamed to Workplace by Facebook

Facebook started testing their communications tool, Facebook at Work, with a ton of different companies. Not only has Facebook at Work been renamed to “Workplace by Facebook," but they officially released it. Starting today, any company can use Workplace by Facebook.