Are you planning on marketing your business through Instagram? Then you couldn't be more right. Interesting posts lead to a higher engagement among your followers, which makes your posts visible to more users since Instagram curates those that are engaged.

Yes, it's a numbers game. Your posts need to get as many likes and comments as possible, to make sure that more people can see your photos and videos on this popular social media app. But to get there, you need to level up your caption game!

Elements of great Instagram captions

Think Before You Post Find out what makes a great Instagram Caption Photo: Pexels

The purpose of creating a captivating Instagram caption is to help you run advertising campaigns more efficiently and to increase your visibility among potential customers. Each caption adds flavor to the pictures or videos that you post on Instagram, by giving some added information about your brand or business. It also serves the purpose of explaining how your customers can get your product or service. 

Instagram allows up to 2,200 characters and 30 hashtags on your captions. The hashtags also allow you to broadcast your post to a large audience. However, the ideal length of Instagram captions is about 150 characters.

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Aside from this online course, here are other tips you should keep in mind when you write your Instagram captions.

1. Write captions that showcase your brand and make users click 'More'

Instagram Identity Find your brand's identity first for Instagram Photo: Pexels

A memorable caption that has special messages, tells stories and gives the customers value can help you in building an identity for your brand on the social media site and aid in getting more people to recognize your business easily. Not only that, a user who is interested in your post will take his time to read the caption, and the more time users spend on your post and caption, Instagram’s algorithm will make sure it is available for more people to view.

You can form an identity for your brand by wording your captions in such a way that it focuses on what you are offering. For example, National Geographic gave a spectacular description of the Northern Right Whale Dolphin to accompany a stunning picture of the animals. NatGeo’s Instagram handle explained the nature of the species and its habitat before advertising their cover story about marine life in the upcoming edition of the magazine. The caption stuck to NatGeo’s brand identity of making people gain knowledge about the diversity of nature through a wonderful post and an equally great caption.

NatGeo on Instagram National Geographic's post on dolphins Photo: @NatGeo on Instagram

2. Take your time with editing your posts and make your first sentence the best

Edit All Captions It's a good practice to edit and proofread before publishing captions Photo: Pixabay

Any brilliant piece of writing, whether it is a blog post, a book or an Instagram caption, takes time to develop. Hold off on your post until you have made sure that your caption is grammatically sound and free from typos before you publish it. Don’t be afraid to go through several drafts before you publish your posts. Every word you write and every hashtag you insert has an impact, so make the best of it by proofreading it a few times before you make your posts public.

While you need to stick to a formal tone in your caption writing, your sentences need to have persuasive words. The very first sentence of your caption should pique user interest by providing a solution to their needs. The example below shows how TheKlog called on customers who wanted to update their wardrobes for summer with the most appropriate question and described what they were selling in detail.

TheKlog on Instagram This caption asks an intriguing question before giving further details Photo: @TheKlog on Instagram

3. Nudge your audience to engage

Include a Call to Action This will help you market your products or services better Photo: Pixabay

A call to action invites your audience to do something about your post. This could be anything from liking or commenting on the post or sharing it with their friends. A call to action causes commitment, which is one of the best ways to influence them and build brand loyalty.

Calls to action can also include asking your audience to visit your website with the link in your bio. This will bring traffic to your website, where you can sell your products or services to them. You can also use contests and quizzes to engage with your audience actively.

TenTree on Instagram This post generated over 15 million likes so far Photo: @TenTree on Instagram

Call-to-action messages can include a Contact Us, Learn More, Book Now or Download links that Instagram lets you put in your bio. A call to action will direct viewers to your bio and get them to click and take an action. Besides the link in bio call, you can use other creative ways to call your customers to engage with your posts such as asking them to like and share the post itself. This post from TenTree got over 15 million likes after they said they would plant trees for particular like milestone crossed.

Writing a convincing Instagram caption may sound simple but it takes some smart thinking for better execution. So make sure to use all the tools we've provided and you'll find your IG page engagement blowing up in no time!