In the modern day world where “doing it for the ‘gram” has become a standard colloquialism, the best way to monetize social currency is having a large following. Instagram’s continued dominance over social media reached new heights in 2020 when it hit the one billion global users mark, the same year that more than 63 percent of Americans confessed to checking the app daily. With such a large consumer base to tap into, curating a high-number of engaged followers is at the top of any brand’s goals, and U.K. company Social Reign is here to fulfill those needs.

As engagement experts, Social Reign establishes a following for its clients through carefully curated loop giveaways featuring high-end designer swag and off-the-charts luxury vacations, enticing in contestants to participate. The U.K. company’s business model taps talked-about celebrities and influencers to promote said giveaways to their own millions of subscribers, with the chance to win contingent on users following everyone tagged, including Social Reign’s clients. Through this method, the strategy boosts its clientele’s following by a guaranteed minimum of 20,000 Instagram followers per giveaway, with some reaching as many as 60,000 in one go.

The precise social system allows Social Reign’s clients to grow a real following with full engagement, eliminating the dreaded bots and fake profiles from the equation and ensuring an active community of consumers in no time.

While the company’s elite services are currently only available in the United Kingdom, they have plans to expand to the United States and the United Arab Emirates within the year, taking Social Reign’s Instagram domination global.