Over three million American jobs were created during 2020 through startups , according to Statista. Starting a business can be a daunting task filled with high stakes decisions. From selecting the type of business to finding a suitable brand name, business name generators have assisted many entrepreneurs in finding the right name - all part of ideation.

Top Free Business Name Generators - Ideation Tools:

Numerous free naming tools are available to the entrepreneur. It means that you can literally give them all a test run to compare, or to save time, start from the top of this list:

The Business Name Generator from TRUiC takes simple name generation one step further, allowing visitors not only to pick out an SEO-optimized business name, but offering a range of free tools which includes a business plan generator and business model canvas. These tools can be used to write an operating agreement for an LLC.

Worldlab’s business name generator offers over 7 million potential names to choose from and even offers industry specific name generators like a craft beer brand name generator and a morpheme machine.

Business Name Generator (BNG) offers a wide range of industry specific name generation tools, including a magazine name generator and a gym & fitness name generator. BNG checks domain availability with GoDaddy.

Shopify’s business name generator allows the user to generate names and check domain availability. Once a name has been decided upon the user can enjoy a 14 day trial.

Anadea Business Name Generator will generate generic or industry specific names, based on the inserted keywords, however this name generation tool can not combine keywords to create unique names.

Dot-o-Mator is a simple name generation tool . It offers two name lists. Each list is filled with keywords that are combined into unique domain names. Dot-o-Mator offers a web 2.0 name generator and is available to use on iPhone as well.

NameMesh is a name brainstorming tool which indicates domain availability. Results can be filtered allowing the user to hide registered names. The user has the option to refine the search by selecting the desired domain (.com, .net). Name length can be restricted to the user’s desired character amount.

Types of Names

Jonathan Bell, in his TED Talk, “How to Create a Great Brand Name,” identified seven types of brand names. Google is an excellent example of an eponymous brand name, where the name functions as a description of a concept i.e. to google something. Descriptive band names readily convey the service or product offered, but tend be difficult to find in an online search. Examples of acronymic names include IKEA and GoPro and communicates an idea that the company stands for. Suggestive brand names function like a metaphor, whereas associative names operate on an emotional level, reflecting the emotional association of words back to the brand. Non-English and abstract brand names make up the final two categories of names.

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Tougher choices need smarter tools:

With an estimated 300 million companies in the world it is getting harder to create a unique name. In his TED Talk, Jonathan Bell offers this advice when it comes to branding: select the type of name you want (associative, abstract, etc.). The second step is deciding what you want the brand name to say. The best brand names don’t describe, they stand for an idea and generate emotional appeal. Nike can be used as an example here as the brand name is associated with the idea of winning and the emotional appeal that winning generates. The final step is checking that the brand name is available.

Running A Lean System:

Modern entrepreneurs need multifunctional solutions. Free online tools usually come with one pitfall: limited functionality. The limited use of a name generator is expanded by offering industry specific naming tools or novel naming tools, however TRUiC’s Business Name Generator offers a bit more when compared to leading name generators. It indicates the availability of a domain, suggests SEO-optimized names whilst guaranteeing the user’s privacy. The user’s ideal business name will be protected for up to a month, until a purchasing decision is made.

An extra function which sets the TRUiC Business Name Generator apart from other naming tools is the business ideas generator. This tool helps aspiring entrepreneurs with finding the right business based on their interests and scalability of the business, making it a multifunctional ideation tool that offers more than the run-of-the-mill business naming tools available.

Nagabhushanam “ Bobby Pedi , the CEO TRUiC is one of America's top technological leaders when it comes to free AI powered business tools. He says: “consultants and brand identity professionals need to shine if they’re going to beat AI in the race to help entrepreneurs. Keith Fernandez, a Harvard MBA graduate and medical industry specialist said: “I find these innovative tools useful in breaking the mould when it comes to ideation. It is also quite futuristic.”

Final take:

It is harder to find a business and domain name today than ever, simply due to the sheer number of names that are already taken. If you thought copywriters and founders were off the mark to create some of these odd sounding names that ends with “LY”, for example Contently, Bitly and so forth - well, they may not have had a business name generator at hand and simply needed to think outside the box.