Travis Bott is an influential voice on cryptocurrency, and is using network marketing to make a substantial impact to benefit his consumers, and ultimately the profits of his companies. His company Beyond Global has just reached a landmark agreement with MCW (multi currency wallet), this partnership will broaden cryptocurrency services to its vast network of members, covering 90 countries.

Travis Bott Travis Bott Photo: Coin Zoom

MCW (multi currency wallet) is the first U.S. based exchange to offer its very own Visa debit card, and is now able to add a plethora of rewards that only Beyond Global can provide. Beyond Global distinguishes itself from any other company due to its ability to offer direct sales.

Beyond Global is changing the way consumers do business, as consumers can earn up to 5 percent cash back, as well as more benefits when another user makes a qualified transaction on the exchange. These benefits are a direct result of the partnership that Beyond Wallet has reached with MCW (multi currency wallet), and it is changing the modern approach to typical financial transactions.

MCW (multi currency wallet) has established a method where members can transfer assets globally, without any additional cost, utilizing MCW ’s ZoomMe feature. Beyond Wallet also offers earning potential for users when other members make transactions.

Travis Bott as it at the forefront of innovations that are involved with all things crypto, as Beyond Global has business transactions that span 90 countries and 6 continents. Accessing money can present numerous hurdles and unwanted fees for people, and Bott is changing the contemporary approach to this method by creating new digital finance companies which are sure to leave a positive footprint on the world.

A noteworthy example is his health and wellness company MLM venture, Lurra Life, as it has harmonious alignments with reward providers that have a significant impact on creating an incentive to achieve fitness records.

Lurra Lif’s My10kLife undertaking implores people to walk over 10k steps a day, contributing to rewards that can be accessed using other reward providers, Bott has created a vital connection for the people using Lurra Life and such reward providers.

This creates a systematic cycle that runs smoothly and provides more rewards to users of Lurra Life, which then maximizes fitness targets. Essentially, this creates a way for more business transactions between consumers, as well as Lurra Life and its reward partners.

The same concept is applicable, and very prosperous in the cryptocurrency world- this can be reflected via Bott’s partnership with his digital wallet company, Beyond Global, and the reward provider, MCW (multi currency wallet). 

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