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It's no secret that the online content creation space is more saturated than ever. While viewers now have more choices than ever to pick whatever they want to consume, content creators face the challenge of competing in a highly competitive landscape. Yet, even with the current challenges, influencer Daelan Mangapit continues to flourish consistently in the industry.

Daelan Mangapit
Daelan Mangapit Daelan Mangapit

Daelan Mangapit started his YouTube adventure in 2010. He was unsure if he would ever be successful. However, he was inspired by the achievements of other content creators and how they created thriving communities and entertained vast amounts of people. So, despite his doubts, Daelan began creating content, hoping to one day replicate their success.

Daelan's YouTube channel began with him doing short skits, and as he gained momentum, he moved on to uploading numerous playlists of his video game playthroughs. These video games included Bulletstorm, Crysis, and Assassin's Creed. During this time, to further the quality of his videos, he also taught himself how to edit videos in Vegas Pro and create captivating gaming intros with Cinema 4D.

For a while, Daelan also entered and explored the fashion genre. He gave clothing reviews and did unboxing videos of luxury brands such as Gucci, Supreme, and Givenchy. However, this lasted only a short time for Daelan, and he ended up transitioning back to video games, showcasing more titles.

By 2017, Daelan broke through the YouTube scene as his Korean MMORPG playlist went viral, gaining his channel millions of views and over 30,000 subscribers.

Seeing as he was gaining momentum, Daelan decided to keep it going. He maintained his daily upload schedule and even began livestreaming. In 2019, Daelan transitioned to uploading Apex Legends and Call of Duty playthroughs as the games were rising in popularity. By 2022, Daelan had an impressive 100,000 subscribers and received his Silver Play Button from YouTube.

Daelan's unique demeanor allowed him to thrive in the gaming space. Unlike his competition, who are often chaotic and dramatic, Daelan is nonchalant and very composed. As a result, his content carries a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. This collected style of gaming content served as a breath of fresh air for the gaming community and has been a significant catalyst for his success.

In addition, Daelan says, "I think people gravitate to my videos because I am being genuine, and I am not faking an overly enthusiastic personality for the camera."

When asked about the obstacles of his journey, Daelan remembers staying motivated as one of his biggest challenges. He says, "It was discouraging when I would upload multiple videos, and they did not get many views." However, in these moments, Daelan emphasizes the importance of staying patient and dedicated to overcoming this. Daelan is a firm believer that to be successful in anything takes time.

Talking about the future, Daelan says he wants to continue improving his YouTube channel and grow it further. He hopes to capitalize on the momentum of his growth to achieve millions of subscribers and one day hold the Golden Play Button.