HP recently revealed their new monitor, and it’s definitely one of the largest monitors in the market. While it provides a large field of vision, the OMEN X Emperium 65 is also equipped with high-end specs and even has its own sound system. Here’s what we know about the new HP Emperium 65 monitor.

According to Engadget’s report, the new HP Omen X Emperium is indeed a large monitor with its 65-inch screen. In a LinusTechTips video, a 49-inch monitor is already wide enough that you need to move your neck to see the whole monitor when sitting close to it. Nevertheless, many gamers would want this gaming monitor to increase their field of vision or plainly give themselves an edge during their games.

However, some games aren’t equipped to extend their vision for a 65-inch monitor and may experience problems if you wish for the field of vision advantage.

Aside from its massive screen, the HP Emperium 65 also has other features. The monitor’s refresh rate is around 144hz, which is astounding for such a huge monitor. Additionally, it also supports the NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR, which ensures seamless playback and high quality colors. Visual-wise, you won’t have a problem with the quality.

The monitor also has a built-in soundbar with its own decked-out specs. The soundbar comes in with a low frequency array, three-way stereo crossover system and a vibration reduction tech. Looking for the right speakers once adding this monitor to your rig wouldn’t be necessary.

Speaking of looking for specific parts, the HP Emperium 65 monitor also has a light sensor that helps you find the ports and docks if you want to connect it to something. Even in the dark or in a tight space, you’ll be able to lessen the downtime as the ports light up when you start fumbling on its sides and grooves. Moreover, the corresponding dock and port icon light up too to help you orient yourself faster.

With all of its features and size, the price is also as large at $4,999. The HP Emperium 65 will be available starting next month.