NVIDIA GeForce NOW Company

At CES 2017, NVIDIA announced a substantial addition to its GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. The service’s newest feature — which is slated to launch in March — will allow Mac and PC users to stream games from the cloud.

According to NVIDIA, users will be able to run games within the GeForce NOW client from providers including Steam, and Origin. NVIDIA says the service will be anchored around computers that use NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards.

Free-to-play games such as World of Tanks that use their own launcher will also be supported with GeForce NOW. Previously, the service could only run from owners of NVIDIA’s Shield lineup of remote gaming devices.

The service is intended to target users who don’t want to invest in a full gaming laptop, but its unique pricing model looks to be a potential hurdle. TechCrunch reports the service will cost $25 for 20 hours, which would put it well above GeForce NOW’s current price of $7.99 per month and popular streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

NVIDIA’s main Shield device is also expected to see a slate of upgrades this year. At CES, the company announced a refresh to the streaming device that was teased in December.

Along with improved internal specifications, the new Shield comes with native 4K support, an expanded gaming library and standard streaming options like Netflix and YouTube. In addition, the device is also slated to have support for smart home features like Google Assistant and SmartThings Hub integration.