A New HTC Device Design
HTC Developing iPod Touch Rival: Should Apple be Afraid? Patentbolt.com

Recently, HTC has caught a lot of spotlight for its HTC One X - the quad-core powered android smartphone. Now, something big, if not bigger is coming from the company. As reported by Patent Bolt, a new HTC device is making its way through patent offices. The patent images suggest that HTC might be working on its own alternative to iPod Touch.

HTC is in the big league with its Android smartphones like HTC Sensation, Evo 3D and Thunderbolt. But with this new device, the Taiwanese firm can surprise in an unexpected way. The patent images show a touchscreen device, with speaker grills on top and bottom ends. Speaker grills are also present at the back, making it clear that this new gadget is more like a multimedia product like iPod Touch, rather than just another smartphone. At the back is a bezel for camera and a kickstand. The new device can feature large screen, possibly bigger than 4-inch, with 720p resolution. It will run Android OS 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) with HTC Sense and Beats Audio integration.

Apple iPod Touch remains untouched from any serious competition. But this device can pose a serious threat to iPod, just like HTC's Android-based One X phone can pose to Apple's iPhone.

Apple iPod, running home-baked iOS, can be used as a portable media player, handheld gaming console, GPS tracker, Wi-Fi device with access to Internet, and personal digital assistant. With iOS, users can download almost all the apps from iTunes Store.

To Google's credit, there is no android-based alternative to iPod Touch in the market. But, this new HTC device can alter all the facts. And even offer more than Apple iPod does. HTC has bought Beats Audio, which is likely to be featured in the company's new gadget. Big stereo speakers in the patented gadget clearly indicate that headphones will not be compulsory to listen to high quality music on the device. With huge improvement in Google Play Store and high-profile of HTC Sense UI, the new gadget can turn out to be game-changer.

(reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)