Humble Bundle
Choose how much you want to donate and receive several games in the Humble Bundle Humble Bundle

For two weeks, fans of the Humble Bundle can get several Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) games for whatever price they want to pay. On Aug. 14, Humble Bundle revealed its Origin special, which features games that are currently available on EA’s Origin digital distribution platform for Windows. For donors that pay at least one dollar, they will receive “Dead Space,” “Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box,” “Crysis 2 Maximum Edition,” “Mirror’s Edge,” “Dead Space 3” and “Medal of Honor.”

If you manage to pay more than the average donation, which currently sits at $4.60 as of 3 p.m. EDT, “Battlefield 3,” and “The Sims 3” along with a starter pack will be included as well.

All of the games featured in this bundle work on the Origin platform, with select games also compatible with the Valve Corporation's Steam digital distribution platform.

Humble Bundle Prices
Donations can be distributed however a donator chooses through the Humble Bundle Humble Bundle

In addition to choosing the amount of money to donate to receive the games, donations can also be split between the featured charities, which include the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross.

The first Humble Bundle debuted on the web back in May 2010. Since then the bundle has been a smash hit that gives gamers access to games for cheaper prices, while also contributing to charitable causes they support.

You can purchase the Humble Bundle at its website here.