Movie sets can be a very stressful place for the production team and the stars. At times, cast members may play tricks on fellow co-stars to help make the filming environment more lively. Josh Hutcherson revealed that the set of "The Hunger Games" is no exception and even shared how one of his antics had Jennifer Lawrence peeing in her pants.

Hutcherson and Lawrence, along with Liam Hemsworth, has been working together since the first “The Hunger Games” movie, which was released in 2012. The three eventually became friends and would usually engage in fun antics while on set. In a recent interview with E!News, Hutcherson revealed one of the funny yet messy pranks that he played on co-star Lawrence.

The actor recounted how he once took a fake dead body and placed it in the bathroom of Lawrence’s trailer. This was during the time when they were filming the first “The Hunger Games” movie. Lawrence was surprised and scared by what she encountered that she had a bladder accident. Hutcherson said, "She actually peed in her pants. That is called a success."

Lawrence then told E! that she retaliated by hitting Hutcherson. "I kicked him in the temple and gave him a concussion," she said.

Apart from behind-the-scene antics, the three “The Hunger Games” stars also revealed who among them would be the most likely to break character during filming. Hemsworth and Hutcherson, including Lawrence, all agreed that "X-Men" actress would sometimes have a difficult time retaining her focus while filming. Lawrence admitted to E! that she sometimes suffer from “lack of focus.” She explained, "I literally never go over things. I always forget their lines. I always forget that lines are a part of my job. I genuinely forget. Even now, I still do that."

Despite the times when Lawrence would lose her focus, the two actors still praised the actress for speaking up about the issue of gender pay inequality in the industry. Hutcherson described Lawrence’s essay as “great” and that he was “really proud” of the star.

Meanwhile, aside from “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” movie project, Lawrence is also busy writing a screenplay with comedienne and actress Amy Schumer.  The “Trainwreck” star even described Lawrence as the type of writer that “doesn’t play by the rules.” The two actresses also became good friends during their writing collaboration, where Lawrence surprised Schumer with a balloon filled room to celebrate the comedienne’s first Emmy win in September.

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” will hit movie theaters on Nov. 20.