Jennifer Lawrence
Actress Jennifer Lawrence attends the Producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles January 24, 2015. REUTERS/Phil McCarten

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer may just be one of Hollywood’s sweetest pals. Lawrence gave her friend Schumer a colorful and awesome surprise to celebrate the star’s Emmy win.

Schumer nabbed her first Emmy Award for her show “Inside Amy Schumer” which was named Best Variety Sketch Series on Sunday. To celebrate the momentous event, as well as congratulate the comedienne, Lawrence filled the Emmy winner’s hotel room with colorful balloons in different shapes and sizes, according to People.

The “Trainwreck” star also shared a picture on Instagram, where she posed with her Emmy award in the middle of a room filled with balloons. Schumer captioned the image, "Never tell Jennifer L your room number.”

Apart from the colorful surprise, Lawrence also sent Schumer a text message Sunday evening. The 34-year-old funny lady told Entertainment Tonight (ET) after the Emmy Awards show that she received a “really sweet text” from the Oscar winner which read, "She said that I looked pretty but not smart.”

Schumer also gushed about her friend, including the movie project that they are working on together, and even described Lawrence as the “real deal funny.” The writer and producer added, "My sister and Jen and I wrote a movie together so we're gonna hopefully be shooting that in a year or something. We're busy!"

However, Schumer admitted that her friendship with the “X-Men: Apocalypse” star has been exaggerated by the media a little. The comedienne told E!News that they both “really like each other” but they’re “not BFFs.” Schumer explained, “I think the media blew it up. We're not BFFs. We're just Fs, but we're really good Fs. I have BFFs since I was 8 years old so it'll be tough to uproot them."

Meanwhile, Schumer definitely had a great Sunday night given her Emmy win. The actress, writer and producer also delivered an emotional acceptance speech where she even thanked her make-up artist. Schumer said, "Thanks everyone who has helped me… including the girl who gave me a sort of smoky eye."

The Emmy winner also joked to ET backstage after win that the experience will never “compare to being spanked by Madonna” but she was happy nonetheless to put the gold statuette on her mantle.