If you can find a common thread among the words VÄRDE and MYSA RÖNN and INGAMAJ, there's a good chance you're either a Swede or an Ikea fanatic. Close followers of the latest trends from the famous Swedish outfitter will be happy to hear about the newest addition to its family of living room products: Ikea is releasing an HTDV home entertainment system called the Uppleva.

The Ikea Uppleva HDTV system was announced in a video that explains the all-in-one home entertainment system. The Ikea Uppleva supports full HD 1080p on an LED LCD screen, Divx HD, has a 400Hz response time and is Wi-Fi Ready, which allows it to stream media from the Internet.

It has everything you can ask for in a TV solution, but in a very different way, says the narrator of the introduction video. We integrated a DVD and a Blu-Ray player as well as the speakers and the furniture. The subwoofer is wireless and can be easily placed wherever you want it.

All the cables connected to the device's monitor are fed through a small tunnel at the back edge of the unit. Ikea is aiming to build a centerpiece for living rooms and apartments that is both sleek and able hide the cluster of wires typical of home entertainment systems.

The LCD monitor has a plethora of inputs including two USB ports and four HDMI ports. Since the television is a Smart TV and has Wi-Fi capabilities, it's able to stream content from the Internet including pictures, video and music. The Uppleva can also stream MP3s or FM radio broadcasts through other inputs.

The Ikea Uppleva has just one remote control, which appears to be extremely simple in its design. In the middle of the remote is a four-way directional pad, much like those included with most cable and satellite receivers.

Ikea also is touting the Uppleva's high customizability, including different colored frames to go around the monitor as well as different casings. One of the final shots in the video shows the Uppleva dressed up in a retro 1950s style casing.

The Ikea Uppleva release date has not been revealed at this time, but tech blog T3 says the unit will make its way to Europe around 2013, and to other countries soon after that. For more information about the product, view the announcement video below.