The download size of “InFamous Second Son’s” new patch has been revealed, and it is significantly bigger than the patch for “InFamous First Light.” Nonetheless, both patches bring the same thing to Sucker Punch Productions’ games for the PlayStation 4.

The patch for the standalone action-adventure “InFamous First Light” is clocking in at 2.5GB. On the other hand, “InFamous Second Son’s” new patch has a download size of 3.6GB, as per

Both patches seed PS4 Pro support to the games, and this also means that gamers can enjoy both titles on a 1080p TV or a 4K TV. However, there are other tweaks that players should expect to arrive to the games as well.

According to GearNuke, although Sucker Punch did not mention other things aside from support for 4KTV and 1080p TV when it launched the new patches for “InFamous Second Son” and “InFamous First Light,” users can expect other things, like HDR support, better frame rates and improvements in the particle effects.

It was also found out that two different modes for PS4 Pro users have been added to the games. Players can choose from “Better Frame Rate” and “High Resolution” when they want to set the frame rate to their liking. By default, however, the “Higher Resolution” option is turned on.

GearNuke reports that the addition of the modes makes “InFamous Second Son” and “InFamous First Light” two of the games that are getting improved frame rate options on the PS4 Pro. Another title that’s already confirmed to get the same treatment is “Rise of the Tomb Raider.”

Detailing why players should download and install the new patches, Sucker Punch Art Tech leader Jason Connell wrote on the PlayStation Blog that the titles can be an “amazing showcase for HDR and 4K” because of the “vibrant superpowers and explosions” in the games.

Connell emphasized that there may be numerous reasons for players to return to playing both titles, but he pointed out only three in his blog post — increased resolution, additional smaller details and the improved showcase of Delsin and Fetch powers.

“As a developer, it’s great to see games that we released two years ago come to life in ways more dazzling than we ever thought they could be. The increased power, resolution, and HDR capabilities of the PS4 Pro breathe new life into every corner of the game,” Connell quipped.