One of the most disgusting nightmares that could happen is one family’s reality: an infant raped. Heather Koon was trusted to take care of defenseless children, but now she's accused of doing the unthinkable -- but not only that, she's accused of filming it.

At her arraignment on Oct. 7 in Ohio, prosecutors said the state had “very strong evidence” against Koon. WKYC reported the victims were between the ages of 1 and 2. She faces two counts of rape and her bond was set at $2 million -- $1 million for each felony count.

The news site added that the rape allegedly took place at ABC Kidz child care in Elyria and that there are many concerned parents who are afraid that their children might have also been sexually assaulted.

"He doesn't like his diaper being changed. He doesn't like being touched ... When I used to drop him off there he used to scream so bad that he would be like hyperventilating," Andrea Lankey, whose 2-year-old was cared for Koon, told the station.

The attorney for ABC Kidz Carlos Johnson released the following statement, which said they don’t believe there are more victims:

"The [day care] is cooperating with the investigation and we’re compiling a list to determine which kids were present while she, Heather Koon, worked there. We do not think there are more victims, but out of the abundance of cautiousness we want to make sure that we are correct."

The 25-year-old is accused of “engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant,” according to WOIO. Police said that they found the footage on her laptop and that apparently there were two babies involved in the vicious assault.

The video from her laptop was allegedly discovered in the apartment where her boyfriend James Osborne lives. He happens to be a registered sex offender. Both were arrested on Oct. 4 and held at Lorain County Jail.