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Round up the usual suspects, and Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and President Barack Obama always seem to be on the same team.

According to, 2014 won't break that tradition, as each of those boldface names is on the data research firm's list of most popular Twitter and Facebook destinations for 2014.

The firm collected data from InsideFacebook and Twitter Counter to create the following infographic.

The firm published the following caveat along with the chart.

Likes and Followers number are constantly growing, but we tried to keep the information up to date. We did some research and, as we noticed, within a month top Facebook pages and Twitter Accounts growby less than 500,000. Therefore the information presented on this social media infographic will be “valid” at least for the next couple of months (beginning of the 2014).

These will be the most popular Twitter and Facebook destinations in early 2014. Do you agree?