Justin Bieber
Singer Justin Bieber poses at the premiere of the documentary "Justin Bieber's Believe" in Los Angeles, California December 18, 2013. The documentary opens in the U.S. on December 25. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber announced his retirement via his Twitter account on Christmas Eve, which also happened to be the night before his theatrical release, “Justin Bieber’s Believe."

“My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring,” the singer tweeted, only to later follow it up with another tweet: “IM HERE FOREVER”

Fans around the world were left wondering if Bieber's back-to-back tweets betrayed a confused state of mind or whether the singer was really planning to call it all off.

According to reports, before the tweets, Bieber shocked his fans when he told Power 106, a Los Angeles radio station that he would retire after the release of his album “Journals." But, he later changed his statement slightly after the stunned reaction from host Kurt Alexander, popularly known as Big Boy, to state that he has not made up his mind.

The year has been full of controversies for Bieber.

Over the months, Bieber made headlines for bad behavior, ranging from his alleged nightclub brawling to painting graffiti on the walls of a hotel to dragging two Argentinean flags with his feet on stage during concerts. Bieber is also reported to have apologized to Bill Clinton, after he was caught on camera using an abusive word while spraying cleaner fluid on the former president's photo.

While Bieber seemed to blame the media, in his tweet, for his apparent retiring decision, his manager Scooter Braun, denied that the singer was planning to retire, reports said.