Injustice 2 currently has more than two dozen confirmed characters on its roster, but there’s one returning DC favorite that’s still waiting for his time to shine. Will the Joker finally be revealed on April Fools’ Day? Fans seem confident in the idea.

While there’s been no official indication that the Joker will have a roster spot in Injustice 2, he seems like an obvious returning character thanks to his pivotal role in the first game. More obvious still, what’s the point of letting players fight as Batman and Harley Quinn if the villainous star of that arc isn’t also along for the ride? We’d bet good money he’s coming, so the next question to ponder is when his reveal will be.

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With the question of future character reveals popping up on reddit over the past few hours, fans seem to have one resounding hope: the current belief is the Joker will make his Injustice 2 debut on April Fools’ Day. Subreddit user Larfleezle99, writes, “everyone is expecting the Joker with a little ‘gotcha’ thing for the joke.” Another thread by Smithsonian30 focuses on that theory entirely.

That would make a lot of sense for a couple reasons. As DC’s silliest creation, how do you not offer some sort of Joker teaser or reveal on April Fools’ Day? Especially since this is the last chance at that opportunity before the game’s release, it’d be a hard holiday to ignore. As is the style of game director Ed Boon, some feel that Joker’s arrival may be paired with a troll reveal for an anticipated character like Red Hood. The Joker may step out of the shadows instead.

There are a few wrenches to throw into that idea however. For one, Warner Bros. staff has confirmed there will be no Injustice 2 stream this week. That would include April Fools’ Day, this Saturday, from being off limits for Twitch. It’s also worth pointing out that all other Injustice 2 character reveals took place on weekdays. That doesn’t make an aberration from that established formula impossible, but the caveats are worth noting.

The previous two Injustice character reveals were Firestorm and Swamp Thing. The former of that duo confirmed his roster spot about two weeks ago.

Injustice 2 is scheduled to release May 16 on PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices.
Do you think the Joker will be on the Injustice 2 roster? Will we see something silly from NetherRealm this Saturday? Tell us in the comments section!