"Ink Master" host and judge Dave Navarro returns for Season 6 of the Spike reality series. New episodes start Tuesday, June 23. Spike

Get ready for new ink and new drama. Season 6 of “Ink Master” premieres on Spike Tuesday, June 23, but fans of the reality show don’t need to wait until then to meet the upcoming contestants. The network has released cast photos and a brand new video that introduces the “masters and apprentices.”

According to judge and host Dave Navarro, Season 6 features the “strongest” batch of artists that the show has ever had. Nine masters will go up against nine apprentices, but in the end, only one contestant can be named the winner of “Ink Master” – and take home the $100,000 grand prize.

Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez will be returning to the judge’s table with Navarro. Occasional guest judges will join the trio, like “Tut” star Avan Jogia, and athletes Khaseem Greene, Tony Jefferson, Keith Pough and Allen Robinson. The tattoo artists will be critiqued each week on their creativity, execution and technical skills. Contestants will be eliminated after each challenge, but the human canvases will have to live with the work that’s created – whether it’s good or bad.

Check out photos of the “Ink Master” Season 6 cast below:

Big Ceeze vs. Kito

"Ink Master" Season 6 competitors Big Ceeze and Kito. Spike

Chris Blinston vs. Tyler Nolan

"Ink Master" Season 6 competitors Chris Blinston and Tyler Nolan. Spike

Duffy Fortner vs. Dave Kruseman

"Ink Master" Season 6 competitors Duffy Fortner and Dave Kruseman. Spike

Earl Noble vs. Dave Clarke

"Ink Master" Season 6 competitors Earl Noble and Dave Clarke. Spike

Marisa LaRen vs. Erik Campbell

"Ink Master" Season 6 competitors Marisa LaRen and Erik Campbell. Spike

MV vs. Brian Stephens

"Ink Master" Season 6 competitors MV and Brian Stephens. Spike

Matt O’Baugh vs. Katie McGowan

"Ink Master" Season 6 competitors Matt O’Baugh and Katie McGowan. Spike

Craig Foster vs. Miami Burgess

"Ink Master" Season 6 competitors Craig Foster and Miami Burgess. Spike

St. Marq vs. Ryan Hadley

st ryan
"Ink Master" Season 6 competitors St. Marq and Ryan Hadley. Spike