Instagram is testing new Type option and transparent GIFs for Stories. REUTERS/Thomas White

Instagram appears to be testing a couple of interesting new features for its Stories platform. While Instagram is reportedly testing a new text-only Stories format simply called “Type,” Giphy has built a transparent GIF library that users can place on their Stories.

New Text-Only Instagram Stories

The first new feature that Instagram is testing out for Stories is called “Type.” It’s a new Stories format that allows users to share Stories that only have text. The new Type option can be found at the bottom of the Stories camera just right next to Live. The feature was first reported by The Next Web, and it looks like it’s already available to some users (the feature is already available for me).

The new Type format for Instagram Stories lets users choose from four different styles. Ken Salcedo

The new Type option will let users choose from four different styles: modern, neon, typewriter and strong. Each style also lets users change the background color. There’s also an option to open up the camera to take a background image. It should be pointed out that the background photo that users will take will have a non-removable filter that’s supposed to emphasize the text.

Although this new Type feature for Instagram Stories is being made available to a large number of users, The Next Web first spotted this feature last month. At the time, it was only being tested to a limited number of users in Japan.

Text-only posts have been available on Instagram Stories for some time now, but this added Type feature simply makes it easier and faster for users. It looks like a lot of users have been posting text-only Stories that it may have prompted Instagram to create a new feature that’s dedicated to it.

Right now, the new Type option for Instagram Stories is only being tested and there’s no information yet on how many users are able to try it out at present. Also, it remains unclear if Instagram plans to roll this out to all of its users in the near future.

Screenshot Notification

Another feature that appears to be in testing is a new Story screenshot notification, which was first discovered by WABetaInfo. This feature will let Instagram send a notification when someone takes a screenshot of the user’s story.

According to the report, Instagram won’t send a notification to the user when someone takes a screenshot of their Story for the very first time. This type of feature was actually first implemented by Instagram for it direct messages. However, this is the first time it has been applied to Instagram Stories.

Transparent GIFs For Stories

The next new feature that appears to be in testing are transparent GIFs for Instagram Stories. According to TechCrunch, some users will now be able to browse a library of transparent GIFs that can be used for Instagram Stories.

It looks like Instagram has collaborated with Giphy to build this new library of transparent GIFs. The library is accessible by swiping up to reveal the stickers. Users will then be able to start searching for transparent GIFs using the search bar.

The added integration of GIFs in Instagram Stories was actually first discovered to be in the works back in November. At the time, it was only being tested to a very limited number of users. Now, the feature is apparently available to more users in the Philippines and Brazil.