Following the success of Apple Inc's online application store, Intel Corp. aims to follow suit and will begin offering an online store with applications for netbook computers.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini at CES announced the store which is called AppUp Center where users can purchase programs that cater to a netbooks’ unique screen size and mobility.

Intel AppUp center launched today for Windows and will support Moblin-based open source operating systems and a number of runtime environments later this year.

The first applications are already available for download at the site,

Some are free, but others are paid applications. Applications available will ultimately span business, education, entertainment, games, health, socializing and other categories, according to Intel.

Partners include Acer, Asus, Dell and Samsung have announced plans to participate in the project, Intel said.

The beta store will host applications for both the Microsoft Windows and the open source Moblin-based operating systems, the first operating systems to target the netbook computer category, Intel said.

The vast majority of current netbooks use Intel's Atom processor.