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It has been a harsh few months for crypto and stock investors alike. Despite the recent news about the market being back in green, the outgoing bear market has resulted in losses over the $1 billion mark, a trend the stock market has also shared. Several communities have stepped up to help other investors as uncertainty reigns, with names like Lux Algo standing out.

With the democratization of the stock market over the past years, the space has seen an increasing number of investors join in. Platforms like Robin Hood, eToro, Acorns, and Fidelity are responsible for providing beginners with a means to invest low amounts of money, reducing the most important entry barrier. This has also been the case for the crypto market, which also has the benefit of being more decentralized.

However, as new investors continue to dabble in the world of crypto and stocks, a need for a deeper understanding of the markets becomes imperative. It is when faced with charts, investment strategies, complex terminology, and different forms of analysis, that most traders get overwhelmed. This is the crossroads where communities become more important, providing support, tools, and knowledge to help beginners navigate this new stage.

For a long time, TradingView has been the leading platform in the investing space, providing users with charts, indicators, and social tools. Back in 2021, the company was valued at $3 billion with 30 million monthly users. Unfortunately, many beginners opt to follow technical charts & callouts blindly without proper discretionary analysis.

Situations like this one have resulted in a trend in which communities are focusing on education & facilitating access to new, innovative, and easier to understand tools.. This is the approach followed by Lux Algo, which has focused on expanding the usability of technical analysis while also offering educational resources and a supportive community.

From a technological perspective, Lux Algo has developed additional scripts and indicators that make it easier for investors to understand and use TradingView’s charts. To veteran traders, these indicators and scripts mean access to additional perspectives to base their decisions on, allowing traders of all levels to benefit from it. The tools provided by Lux Algo aim to provide actionable information more than anything else.

“Considering the role of a trader, we can conclude that the usefulness of an indicator is determined by the quantity of nonredundant and useful information it outputs, and not necessarily by its ability to provide early and accurate entry points which is harder to achieve,” reads a recent blog.

However, indicators and the information they provide are not enough to ensure the success of an investment as they need to be successfully interpreted beforehand. This is where the community aspect of Lux Algo comes in with its Discord server, which has gathered over 100k investors. In the server, members discuss investment strategies, news, features, and much more.

Technical indicator vendors & investment communities are not necessarily new in financial markets. However, by choosing to focus on improving technical tools from their community’s feedback, Lux Algo’s approach has certainly stood out. With the existing bear market only being part of a cycle, the importance of communities like Lux Algo is likely to increase in the coming years, ensuring that new investors can profit from the democratization of investing.