Leaving a less than favorable review after downloading an app you didn’t like? Watch out, because you just might get a response. Apple is implementing a new feature that will allow developers to respond to customer reviews posted in the App Store.

The feature will mirror sites like Facebook and Yelp, which allow for businesses and services to reply to customer reviews—a feature that has occasionally produced hilarious replies and considerably less hilarious lawsuits.

Still, it has been on the wish list for many developers who want to be able to better communicate with users—and, when necessary, provide a countering perspective to a review that may be unfairly negative.

Developer feedback to reviews will be viewable publicly on the App Store reviews page for both the iOS and Mac App Stores. Users will be given the ability to report a developer if they abuse the system, preventing app makers from going the way of Amy’s Baking Company on their users.

Apple announced the change in the release notes for iOS 10.3, the latest version of its mobile operating system that was just made available for beta use on Tuesday.

“When iOS 10.3 ships to customers, you will be able to respond to customer reviews on the App Store in a way that is available for all customers to see. (This feature will also be available on the Mac App Store),” the release stated.

The release of iOS 10.3 may also mark a change in how apps solicit reviews from users. Currently there is no standard set for review requests, which leads to some apps incessantly asking for users to give a review.

An updated version of that system appears to allow apps to request if they can ask for a review, with Apple’s system deciding if it will be allowed to issue the prompt or not. The new review notification, which has not yet been made mandatory, also appears to allow users to rate an app without requiring them to visit the App Store.

It has also been reported that the settings menu in the beta version of iOS 10.3 includes an option to provide users with the ability to opt out of receiving the notifications altogether.