Apple is not expected to launch iOS 11 until days or a week after iPhone 8’s September 12 launch event. However, the Cupertino giant may have wanted to brief fans first on what they should expect from the upcoming software update, so it updated the Tips app ahead of the new mobile operating system’s debut.

On Wednesday, some Apple consumers took to social media to point out what they noticed on the updated Tips app. Apparently, the app now has a section dedicated to introducing the newest iOS 11 features. Among the things featured within the Tips section are guidelines on how to use the new Control Center, Siri Translate and the new iPad Dock, as pointed out by MacRumors

Apple’s iOS 11 is going to be a major update for iPhones and iPads. Based on the details uncovered by developers and beta testers, the new OS will launch with new design tweaks for the Control Center and the Lock screen. Siri is also getting an improved voice and certain refinements. Apple Pay and Photos services will be getting a couple of enhancements as well. 

A notable feature that will be introduced with iOS 11 is called Do Not Disturb While Driving. Just like what its name suggests, the feature will prevent calls and messages from bugging drivers when they are on the road. There are three ways to activate this life-saving feature. First is automatically, which means the feature will block notifications and auto-respond to messages when the phone notices that the user is driving. Another way to activate this is by connecting the device to car Bluetooth. The third option is to do it manually by toggling DND (Do Not Disturb) on and off as needed, according to CNET

Apple has yet to confirm the release date for iOS 11, but several sources predict that it will very likely debut on Sept. 20. The prediction was derived from the timetable of iPhone and iOS releases in the previous years. This year, Apple is expected to introduce its three new iPhones — iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus — during its Sept. 12 press event. The smartphones are then rumored to start shipping on Sept. 22. If previous release windows are considered, the arrival of iOS 11 could really be on Sept. 20 or a few days earlier. 

Apple is hard at work in living up to expectations this year. Because it’s the 10th anniversary of its iPhone series, the company is said to have prepared a redesigned flagship handset that boasts of an edge-to-edge, almost border-less display. Currently dubbed as iPhone 8, the device is believed to come with a vertically aligned dual-camera module, facial recognition technology, wireless charging and many more advanced features. 

Aside from the three new iPhones, Apple is also expected to unveil the Apple Watch Series 3 and the fifth-generation Apple TV next week. Rumors are swirling that the new smartwatch from the Cupertino giant could be LTE-enabled. On the other hand, there are leaks pointing to the next Apple TV model as having 4K and HDR support.