AirPlay allows users to watch content from their Apple device on their Apple TV. The feature lets people stream music, videos and other content from their iOS device on to the bigger screen.

AirPlay has been around for years, and was especially helpful when Amazon did not have a Prime Video app for the Apple TV.

Using Airplay is simple and fast.

How To Use AirPlay

To use the feature, users need an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and an Apple TV. Here’s how to start streaming via AirPlay:

  1. Users should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network on their iOS device and Apple TV.

  2. Users should also make sure their iOS device is close to the Apple TV they will stream content on.

  3. Users can then open the iOS app that has the content they want to watch on a bigger TV, like a TV channel app or news app. On the iOS app, users should choose the video they want to watch.

  4. When the video is selected and opened there will be options on the side, one of them should be AirPlay icon (rectangle with triangle on the bottom). For those who are using AirPlay with the Photos app, tapping on the share icon will show the feature’s icon on the bottom of the screen next to the Slideshow option.

  5. After tapping on the AirPlay icon, users can select the Apple TV they will stream on. If there are multiple Apple TVs in the home, users should choose different names to avoid confusion when streaming via AirPlay.

  6. The content should start streaming from the iOS device to the Apple TV after those steps. The feature lets users turn off their iOS device while the videos play on the Apple TV.

How To Use Mirroring Feature On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

There is also another way to stream content from an iOS device to the Apple TV, called AirPlay Mirroring. The feature allows users to see their entire iOS device screen on the Apple TV, whether they’re streaming content or not.

  1. To mirror a device, users must have their iOS gadget and Apple TV on the same Wi-Fi network.

  2. The devices must be near each other.

  3. Users can then open up the Control Center and choose the Screen Mirroring option.

  4. Users should then select the Apple TV they want to mirror their iOS device on. Mirroring should begin after those steps.

Sometimes, when the iOS device is new to the Apple TV, an AirPlay passcode pops up on the TV screen. Users should plug in the passcode on their iOS device to start streaming.

Apple TV: How To Turn Off AirPlay and Screen Mirroring

When the user is done streaming content from their iOS device onto their Apple TV using AirPlay and Screen mirroring, they can easily turn it off. For AirPlay, users can press done on the video or go to the Apple TV icon and press on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch option instead. For Screen Mirroring, users can go to the Control Center, tap on the Screen Mirroring button, then tap on the “Stop Mirroring” option on the bottom.