• There is an iOS 13 FaceTime bug that iPhone users have been complaining about since Jul. 2019 
  • The iOS 13 FaceTime bug disconnects iPhone users from WiFi and goes to LTE whenever they make a call
  • Apple has previously recommended a workaround, but it appears that the bug is still unpatched until now

Multiple iPhone users were complaining about an issue on their iPhones and iPads that disconnects them from WiFi when using FaceTime. The issue was posted on Reddit six months ago, at the time when the iOS 13 was on its beta phase. Surprisingly, Wccftech’s Uzair Ghani recently claims to experience the same issue with his iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iOS 13 FaceTime Bug

iPhone users shared their experiences with the iOS 13 FaceTime bug on various online sites and forums, including Apple Support Communities and Reddit. It appears that whenever an iPhone user uses the FaceTime app, the WiFi drops or disconnects and goes to LTE. The majority of the complaints come from iPhone 11 users, but there are other (iPhone 8, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and other models) reporting the same.

Surprisingly, when the FaceTime call ends, the iPhone would reconnect to WiFi (on its own) without the user’s intervention. Searching for similar issues on the web reveals that users who have their devices running on iOS 12.4 reported the same issue on older iPhone and iPad models. With an issue dating as far as six months ago, it’s interesting that Apple has not done anything to fix this annoying bug.

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What Should iPhone Users Do?

On the Apple Support Communities page, an Apple employee responded to iPhone users’ complaints. He suggested a workaround to fix the iOS 13 FaceTime bug. He recommends turning the Bluetooth off and then checking the device’s WiFi connection. 

After that, he suggests enabling the LTE once again. Meanwhile, Wccftech suggests that the only way to avoid experiencing the iOS 13 FaceTime bug is by completely disabling cellular data from the Control Center.

It is not the first time that users experience an issue with the FaceTime app. On Jan. 2019, another FaceTime bug has gone viral over social media. The bug allows iPhone users to call anyone on FaceTime and lets you hear audio from the recipient’s phone before the receiver accepts or rejects the incoming call.  Apple immediately closed the loophole by taking Group FaceTime offline and promised to release a fix as soon as possible. 

The iOS 13 FaceTime bug is an issue that impacts iPhone users, particularly those who use FaceTime to communicate with their loved ones. It is just unfortunate that Apple has not yet fixed this issue, which iPhone users complained about six months ago.